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 Shinaru Nara

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Shinaru Nara


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Localisation : Hidden Sand Village
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PostSubject: Shinaru Nara   Sun Jul 29, 2007 8:30 pm


First Name:Shinaru


Birthday:October 23rd



Village(s):(Born in)-The Village Hidden in the Leaves
(Abandoned and raised in)-The Village Hidden in the Sand

Favorite Food:Sushi, Ramen, BBQ Pork, Rice Balls

Powers:Shadow Possession Jutsu, Shadow Strangle Jutsu, fire style jutsus, Sand coffin, Sand barrial, Shadow Clone Jutsu,

Class:Akatsuki, (Abandoned Nin)

Physical descripton:Red Hair, Blue Eyes, Peach Skin, Black Undershirt, Black and Red Shorts, Akatsuki Cloak, Mask, Slashed Headband, 2 Long Swords On Belt

Temper: Innoying, Agressive, Super-Hyper!

Strength:Taijutsu, Scrolls, Swordsmenship

Weakness:Too hyper!, has a crush!

Story:Shinaru is from the Nara Clan.

Age 6:Abandoned and tooken in at the sand village
Age 7:Started at the ninja academy
Age 12:Became a Sand Genin
Age 13:Registered for the Chunin exams and graduated to Chunin
Age 14:Reunited with family and met brother, Switched villages
Age 15:Sand Village Foster Family was assasinated, Killed assasins
Age 16:Became Akatsuki

~Plans to be a sanin and marry a certain someone. Live out my life fighting by him and his teammate's side~
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Shinaru Nara
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