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PostSubject: Orochimaru   Tue Aug 21, 2007 9:34 am

First name:Orochimaru
Birthday:october 27
Favorite food:rice
Powers:Summoning of Manda, Five Elemental Seal, Earth Clone Technique, Dead Soul Technique, Hidden Shadow Many Snakes Hand, and Kusanagi Sword: Long Sword of the Heavens
Physical description:The average of a male body except for his snake like apperance on his face and skin.
Temper:Very calm in any situation
Strong point:catching his enemies in surprise
Weakness:is careless of somethings that could get himself killed
Story:As a child, Orochimaru and his former teammates, Jiraiya and Tsunade, were students of the Third Hokage. Because of the three's exemplary skills, they are known as the "Legendary Three Ninja" or simply the "Sannin". Orochimaru's parents died when he was young, leaving him to fend for himself for much of his life. While under the Third's tutelage the Third recognized Orochimaru's natural talent as well as a malice and a lust for power within Orochimaru. The Third chose to ignore these traits, hoping that he could quell this part of Orochimaru's personality. Despite the Third's efforts Orochimaru always maintained his dark ambitions and began to act upon them once leaving the Third's side. Over the years Orochimaru began to crave immortality, wishing to use the extended life to learn every jutsu in existence. To accomplish both goals Orochimaru began abducting villagers and experimenting on them in secret, trying to find ways to extend his life as well as replicate jutsu and abilities he could never learn by himself. While he carried out these experiments he also tried to acquire the position of Hokage in the hopes that such a position would allow him easier access to secret jutsu. Although the Third had hoped to pass the title onto his favorite student, Orochimaru's desire for power and inability to accept the beliefs required of a Kage forced him to pass the title to one of Jiraiya's students. Robbed of his only reason to keep face in Konoha, Orochimaru began to be less discreet with his abductions and experimentations, allowing the Third to eventually discover what Orochimaru was doing. Upon being found out Orochimaru gave his former master the chance to kill him, but the Third couldn't bring himself to do it and thus allowing Orochimaru to escape. As he fled the village Jiraiya, having come to think of Orochimaru as a dear friend, tried to stop him and persuade him to return to Konoha, though Orochimaru refused and turned his back on Konoha forever, acquiring a hate for his former home and a strong desire bring about its destruction.
After leaving Konoha, Orochimaru joined Akatsuki, where he was teamed with Sasori. While what he did while a member of the organization is unknown, it is known that he tried to take control of Itachi Uchiha's body so as to gain the Sharingan. Itachi was able to use his Sharingan to stop the attempt and then severed his left hand as punishment. As a result of this failed encounter Orochimaru left the organization with his ring and a book containing all of the organization's secrets, and Akatsuki has hunted him ever since. Orochimaru also built a number of secret bases throughout the Naruto world that he switches between on a weekly basis.
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