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 Ichigo Arianna

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PostSubject: Ichigo Arianna   Tue Aug 21, 2007 12:02 pm

Name: Arianna

First name: Ichigo

Age: 12

Birthday: Febuary 8th

Height: 5'4

Weight: 80 Pounds

Village: Leaf

Favorite food: Ramen with Chicken and smashed crackers.

Powers: Flying Bells of Love, Strawberry Bell, Irimote cat, has 55 cards that are magic.

Class: Genin

Physical description:Work Uniform.
Ichigo's red hair stops at her chin. Her hair piece is a crown/head band. It is zig-zagged and has a pink line that looks good. She has pink eyes. Her outfit consists of a red dress that stops at about 1/3 down her thigh from her waist. The collar curves around her neck. There are 3 black buttons on a white piece of cloth on the front. A pink bow rests on the first button. Her sleeves are puffy and has pink lace on the bottem. Her white aprons straps has ruffles that rest on her puffs. The apron covers her chest. The bottem part of the apron is a white heart puff with ruffles around the edges. The apron is tied in the back in a big bow. The bottem part of the dress is pleated with a pink stripe. She has bloomers under her dress that only show the ruffles. Her socks are pink and her black leather shoes have pink laces.

Fighting Outfit.
Ichigo's hair is the same, except she has black cat ears now. Ichigo's neck is covered with a pink choker with dark red ruffles on the edge. Her arms have matching puffs on them that arent attached to her dress. Her hands are covered with dark red gloves that have a zigzagged edge on the back. The top of her dress is shapped like a tube top but it isnt attached to the skirt. The edges of the top part are like spikes. Except the lay down on the bottem. Her bottem is just like a big puff. A big pink puff. She has a band around her leg like a garter that matches her arm puffs. Her dark red boots go up to her knees. She has a black cat tail with a dark red bow and a gold bell.

Temper: Scared easily, Cries a lot.

Strongh point: Friendship

Weakness: Love

Story:Age 5~Got Clow Cards.
Age 6~Got Clow Reed.
Age 6~Got Kero.
Age 7~Got Little Sister.
Age 8~Got Little Brother.
Age 9~Got Puppy, Sheba.
Age 10~Became Master of the Clow Cards.
Age 11~Got Kitten, Halo.
Age 12~Clow Cards became Ichigo Cards
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Ichigo Arianna
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