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 Kabuto Yakushi

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Kabuto Yakushi


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PostSubject: Kabuto Yakushi   Fri Aug 24, 2007 10:41 am


First name: Kabuto

Age: 19

Birthday: Februabry 29th

Height: meh...i'd say maybe 5'8-5'10 sometin like that

Weight: 120lbs (IDK~! ><)

Village: Sound

Favorite food: sweets (again...IDK! ><)

Powers:" When it comes to fighting Yakushi Kabuto knows a variety of useful techniques. Besides his chakra cards, he's able to use medical techniques. Kabuto can also perform a powerful genjutsu on a whole crowd of people. Even Kabuto's ninjutsu is above average, he even gives Kakashi a run for his monety. Yakushi Kabuto is definately one person to be alert of. He isn't Orochimaru's right hand man for nothing."

Class: Genin

Physical description:Kabuto-White hair. Glasses

Fighting Outfit.-cloths i hope...Um just pants and shirt.

Temper:Sneaky, Nice guy, Evil!

Discription- Kabuto is well, KABUTO! eh lets make this easy on & PASTE!
"Yakushi Kabuto is the son of the squad leader of the medical squad of the Konoha Village. It's also mentioned that Kabuto survived a special battle. Yakushi Kabuto first appears as a genin from Hidden Leaf Village, but soon after the end of the 2nd portion of the Chuunin Exam, we soon begin to realize that Yakushi Kabuto and his team are apart of a spy team from hidden village of sound working for Orochimaru to get information on specific genins. Kabuto shows in his short battle against Kakashi that's he no fool to be messed around with and most likely he's really a Jounin. Even Orochimaru worries about what Kabuto thinks sometimes"
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Kabuto Yakushi
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