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 Naruto: The demon shinobi.

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Hokage Naruto

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PostSubject: Naruto: The demon shinobi.   Fri Jan 01, 2010 12:27 pm

Chapter 1: A meeting with Hiashi Hyuuga.

It was a relaxing day as Naruto is working on his Kyuubi chidori until Neji came by as Neji said "Lord Hokage Naruto Lord Hiashi wishes to speak with you about some reason of great happiness" then Naruto replied "OK Neji but you do know I am an anu black op not a hokage but hoping soon I will become hokage" so Naruto dashed to the hyuuga mansion with Neji not kowing the surprise that Naruto will recieve.

After 12 minute dash Naruto arrived at the hyuuga mansion so Naruto knocked on the door which as Naruto checked to see if he was Ok the door open to see Hinata which Naruto said "Hi Hinata your father wanted o speak with me and I hope you like ramen since once I had the meeting with your father I will take you on a date" then Hinata replied "Ok Naruto please come in but don't do any of your sexy jutsu's like your harmen jutsu".
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Naruto: The demon shinobi.
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