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 Sasuke Uchiha(Curse Mark Level #1)

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Sasuke Uchiha


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PostSubject: Sasuke Uchiha(Curse Mark Level #1)   Tue May 15, 2007 6:49 pm


First name:Sasuke


Birthday: July, 23

Height:150.8 (cm)

Weight:93.7 (lbs)

Village:Village Hidden in the leaves

Favorite food: Rice Cake

Power: Fire Element; Phoenix Flower Jutsu,Fire Element; Blazing Fireball Jutsu,Fire Element; Grand Fireball Jutsu,
Chidori (level #1,2,and 3).

Class: genin

Physical description: has black long hair,has a blue,black shirt on with the uchiha clans logo on the back,wears white shorts,blue ninja shoes,and has a face on his face that says " i dont care"

Temper: huge

Strength point: my sharingan and my temper.

Weakness: my big brother

Story: The "Ultimate Rival" of Naruto, he is the lone survivor of the Uchiha clan. He is a loner who keeps to himself even though he is in all the attentions of the girls in the Academy. Sasuke has no time to trouble himself with such matters because he has sworn to avenge the brutal murders of his clan. He has the Sharingan, a special trait of the Uchiha clan, which allows him to copy and use other ninjas' Ninjutsu, Genjutsu and sometimes even Taijutsu.
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Sasuke Uchiha(Curse Mark Level #1)
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