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Ino Yamanaka1


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PostSubject: Ino   Wed May 16, 2007 3:52 pm


First name:Ino


Birthday: September 23

Height: 148.5 (cm)

Weight: 78.6 (lbs)

Village: Village Hidden in the Leaves

Favorite food: unknown

Powers: genjutsu

Class: genin

Physical description: has long blonde hair,wears a purple skirt and white arm bands like sasuke but longer and wears a purple shirt also wears her headband on her waste.

Temper: easily angered

Strongh point: beauty and charm also taking over peoples mind

Weakness: men who dont think she is beautiful

Story: The #1 rival of Sakura for Sasuke, she and Sakura have been fighting over Sasuke since the Academy days. Her whole clan specializes in mind confusing/stealing jutsus. She is the strongest female Genin.
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