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 Choji [Accepted]

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Choji Akimichi

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PostSubject: Choji [Accepted]   Wed Nov 29, 2006 2:26 pm

Name: Akimichi

First name: Choji

Age: 13

Bithday: May, 1st

Height: 156.3 CM

Weight: 69.3 kg

Village: Hidden in the leaves

Favorite food: Almost everythings who is edible >.>; Korean BBQ, snacks, garlic rice balls and sweets.

Human boulder jutsu: Human Bullet Tank is a jutsu passed down in the Akimichi clan. After the user uses Multi-Size Technique to make themselves into a human-sized ball, they tuck their limbs inside their clothes and use chakra to propel themselves into a powerful roll.
Butterfly jutsu: Choji was one of the genin Shikamaru chose for the mission to return Sasuke Uchiha. Shikamaru was able to get Choji to come by eating Choji's favorite type of snacks with Naruto right in front of Choji's home. Then, when they had gotten to the last chip, Shikamaru called it out and Choji came bursting through the door in his nightwear. When Naruto asks why Choji wanted the last chip Choji merely answered, "The last chip always tastes the best." This mission, however, was complicated by, and ultimately failed because of the Sound Four. Choji took on the powerful Jirobo by himself and was only able to defeat him thanks to the Akimichi clan's special Three Colored Pills. The pills, colored green (spinach), yellow (curry), and red (pepper), give the user increasingly large boosts of chakra at the cost of health. The red pill alone is said to be fatal to the consumer; Choji consumed all three. After consuming the red pill, Choji's physical appearance changes dramatically from the rapid conversion of fat into chakra. This increases his strength a hundredfold, in addition to sprouting a pair of butterfly-shaped wings made of pure chakra. His power becomes so great that when he punched the prone Jirobo, the ground underneath him produced a huge crater. In the field, he was kept alive for a short while by the friendship of his teammates, who had faith that he would defeat Jirobo and had etched directions onto tree trunks so that he could catch up. With the help of the Nara family's medical guide and Tsunade, he was able to make a full recovery. Soon after, he was back to his normal size.

Class: Student

Physical description: Choji is fat and slow, he always bring food with him. Choji's bandana looks like a underwear with the symbol of the village hidden in the leaves. He love the color green and got a coat the same color. He always have a sharp on him and got a white t-shirt with the symbol of his family on it.

Temper: Choji is a compulsive eater who always look to don't care about everything who's happening. Truly, uder all they'se pounds, a sentimental and romantic guy exist. He got a strongh potential but don't care about be the best, cause he think a girl will never have interest in him cause of his body. If your nice with Choji, you will quickly see he's a good guy, a loyal friend, and that he got some "kind" of crushes on Sakura, Hinata and Temari. Ino is more like a member of his family for him.

Strongh point: His the more powerfull of the studient in physical damages.

Weakness: He's more slow than the others.

Story: Choji has a longstanding friendship with Shikamaru Nara. The two have complete trust in each other and Shikamaru is probably the only one who can see Choji's true strength. Choji also has unconditional faith in Shikamaru and, if necessary, would give his life for him. During the Sasuke Retrieval Arc it is revealed that Choji, when he was younger, was often put down for not being good at a game called "Ninja", which appears to be a cross between tag and hide and seek. His peers were always berating him; telling him that any team that he is on is bound to lose. One day they simply refuse to let him play at all. However, Shikamaru sticks up for him saying that the teams would be uneven. This gives Choji a little hope, although in the end they still refuse to let him play. As he's walking away, however, he notices a butterfly stuck in a spider's web and frees it. Shikamaru sees this and ends up ditching the game. A few minutes later, Choji and his father are seen talking on the roof of a building, the former still upset over the way he was treated by the other children. His father tells him that one day he will meet someone that he can get along with and that eventually they will be the best of friends. Right after that, Shikamaru walks up the stairs and Choji recognizes him as the one who had defended him earlier. He asks Shikamaru why he isn't playing the game, to which he responds that it was too troublesome. He then tells Choji that he likes to come up there to watch the clouds, and that Choji happens to be sitting in his spot. Choji moves over to give him room and Shikamaru proceeds to lie down and he introduces himself to Choji, and vice versa. Shikamaru tells him that he should be lazy and watch the clouds with him. This delights Choji and he eagerly asks Shikamaru if he wants to eat some snacks that he has brought. Shikamaru says that it sounds great and Choji is overjoyed that someone is being so nice to him. Shikamaru was the first person to ever look past Choji's athletic deficiencies and see that he was a good-hearted person and because of that he and Choji become best friends.


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Choji [Accepted]
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