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 Gaara of the Sand [ACCEPTED]

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Gaara Of the Sand


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PostSubject: Gaara of the Sand [ACCEPTED]   Fri Jul 13, 2007 2:43 am

Name: Of the Desert
First name: Gaara
Age: 13
Birthday: January,16th
Height: N/a
Weight: N/A
Village: Sand
Favorite food: (unknown)
Powers: Sand control
Class: Genin
Physical description: has red short hair,wears a gourd on his back and wears brown clothes.
Strength point: everything
Weakness: water and not killing
Story: He has a bloodthirsty nature, believing that he exists only to kill people. The Kazekage made him the Sand's ultimate weapon. He has known no love, no compassion; his own guardian tried to assassinate him when he was six. Tormented about his existence, he finds solace in killing people. Gaara has a peculiar "kanji" or Japanese/Chinese symbol on his head signifying love. It's a pun of his name, which means death in Japanese. So his name translates literally as "I love death."
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Gaara of the Sand [ACCEPTED]
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